As you may have noticed,

acrylic-paintI’ve taken a break from posting.

I felt I needed some time to collect my thoughts, pool my creativity and catch up on my reading/research.

Although I enjoy the challenge of trying to post new artwork on a regular basis I decided I needed some space to re-center myself.

No I haven’t stopped painting, quite the opposite, I’m currently working on something that will be my largest piece to date.

(I’m not talking wall size or anything that grand but definitely larger than I’ve done in past).

This particular piece requires my full attention and I fear straying from it to work on other things may hinder its progress.

So, until it is complete  all other art work has ceased.

I promise I’ll share this new creation with you just as soon as I feel it’s finished and ready to be seen.

Until then, sit tight, read a book and stay creative.