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Amanda Milke b.1979

Art has always been a love of New Brunswick native, Amanda Milke, who began developing her skills at a young age.

Regardless of her love of Art she decided to focus her studies in the humanities majoring in English & History with a minor in Religious Studies while painting her way through University. Following University she moved to Japan where she spent a few years teaching English and studying Japanese Calligraphy before returning to Canada.

Though she is a natural Artist, Amanda will happily argue that her humanity studies helped shape her Artistic style and bring depth to her paintings by adding a symbolic narrative.

Amanda enjoys working in a variety of mediums including acrylics, inks, and watercolors always leaning towards bright bold colors and adding rich textures to her pieces. She has painted on a variety of surfaces breathing life and colour back into everyday objects, including an ongoing series of broken & discarded musical instruments titled “The Colour of Music.”

She believes that an Artist’s work is an outward expression of their human condition, a deeply personal narrative that they share with the viewer, a reflection of their soul. As such her faith and a Biblical framework are richly woven into many of her creations. Believing that she is made by a creative God she is passionate about using her artistic gifts to create art that is a modern approach to the sacred tradition of religious art.

Amanda currently resides in Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta (Canada) with her husband and two daughters. She has been working full-time as an Artist out of her home studio since 2013.

Amanda teaches Abstract and Mixed Media art classes out of her home studio as well as through the City of Fort Saskatchewan and at Gallery 501 in Sherwood Park.

She is a member and the current President for the Society of Fort Saskatchewan Artists.
A member of CIVA (Christians in the Visual Arts), a member of the Fort Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce as well as a Women in Business member.

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2018         “Blue Pomegranate” Solo Exhibit – ALFA (Alberta Lottery Fund Art) Gallery,                            Fort Saskatchewan,  AB

2018         On Display at Mix 107.9 FM – Fort Saskatchewan, AB

2018         Society of Fort Saskatchewan Artists Group Exhibit – Fort Saskatchewan City                       Hall Exhibit, Fort Saskatchewan,  AB

2017          Society of Fort Saskatchewan Artists Group Exhibit – Fort Saskatchewan City                       Hall Exhibit, Fort Saskatchewan, AB

2017           Fort Saskatchewan City Hall Exhibit, Fort Saskatchewan, AB

2016             Fort Saskatchewan City Hall Exhibit, Fort Saskatchewan, AB

2015                Fort Saskatchewan City Hall Exhibit, Fort Saskatchewan, AB

2011                The Amazing Grace Arts Festival, Fort Saskatchewan, AB

2010                Interpretations of Life–ALFA (Alberta Lottery Fund Art) Gallery, Fort                                       Saskatchewan, AB

2009                Axis Professional Building, “Art on Display”, Fort Saskatchewan, AB

2009                Fort Saskatchewan Art Walk: Downtown, Fort Saskatchewan, AB

2008                Edmonton Jam Space Music Studio, Edmonton, AB


2018       “Like a Fox on Fire” – Mixed Media – Jacquie Fenske

2018        “Jubilation” – Mixed Media Violin     City of Fort Saskatchewan Collection

2014         “Hallelujah” -Acoustic Guitar         City of Fort Saskatchewan Collection

 2005-18   Assorted Private Collectors


“Blue Waves”         20″ x 24″ Alcohol Ink painted        2018–Private Collector

“Shadow”                           8″ x 10″ MM Painting           2017–Private Collector

“Can I Have this Dance”  24″ x 30″ MM Painting         2017–Private Collector

“Wild Orange”          Electric Guitar                                   2014–Gig Town (www.gigtown.com/) San Diego, CA

“La Vie en Rose”          11″ x 14″ Acrylic                                2013–Private Collector

“unnamed”                 Electric Guitar                                    2013–Private Collector

“Blue Strum”               Acoustic Guitar                                   2008–Private Collector

“Monarch’s Touch”      8″x10″ Acrylic                                    2008–Private Collector

“Believe in Me”           11″x15″ Watercolor                            2008–Private Collector

“Comfort Me”             11″x15″ Watercolor                            2008–Private Collector

“Color of Music”         Acoustic Guitar                                   2005–Private Collector

“Echoed Thought”      11″x15″ Acrylic                                  2005-Private Collector


1 thought on “About

  1. Cindy Revell

    Hi Amanda,

    I met Jonathan when he was covering the Alberta Oil Painters show at the Dow Centre, he told me about your work so I had to have a visit to your site. You’re a wonderfully versatile artist. My favourite pieces were Quiet Snow Fall and Essence of Being, the patterns are very striking.

    Best wishes,



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