Life of a one handed artist

So tomorrow I get to have my stitches removed that’ll be nice

wp-image-1630016438jpg.jpg but I still have another 2 weeks before I can do much more than wiggle my fingers. I’m supposed to avoid repeatative motions as basic as using a computer mouse and avoid lifting anything over half a pound needless to say my left hand has been getting a work out.

But the boredom of “being good” and following doctors orders is driving me mad. Seriously, go a day and try not to use your dominant hand…it sucks.

So today I HAD TO sneak off to the studio and get in some me time while the kids were occupied and my mother in law cleaned up the kitchen  (<—perk)

I wanted to paint but obviously paint brush was off limits and I didn’t want to make something that obviously looked like I used my weak hand so I opted for a fluid painting.

I went with a rich berry color palette to soothe my craving and added in some iridescent and gold highlights. Here are some in progress build up shots.

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Here is a look at the end result as it sits to dry. I will finalize it later but so far I’m pretty happy with how it’s turned out. Plus it’s taken the edge off my creative withdrawal 😉

Cheers for now


On Sabbatical sort of…

Well I’ve been absolutely swamped this year with tons of hand stamped orders and have also been busy teaching some Abstract acrylic art classes as well as some abstract pallet paint nights but now is the time for a “break”.

I truly wish I could say I was doing something exciting during these lovely summer months but I’m not. 

What’s the reason for the  break?

Hand surgery…not very exciting but necessary. One of the down sides about being an artist is the extent to which my hands take abuse. I have severe carpal tunnel in both my hands and have been delaying the surgery for 4 years now. I have 2 good excuses though one is called Zoë and the other is Prudence haha. Everytime my surgery came up I found myself pregnant so it got pushed back twice, now that the girls are older I decided I better get it done before I have too much permanent damage.

So this happened yesterday 


So now I have 6 to 8 weeks before I can resume creating assuming things go smoothly. 

The first 2 weeks I’m not allowed to do anything except wiggle my fingers….I’m not one to sit idly by in fact I may go crazy…which is why I am painstakingly left hand typing this blog entry not that you all aren’t worth the effort but because it’s day 2 and I’m already that bored! (I also left handed baked a lemon blueberry oatmeal sweet bread earlier today….)

Tomorrow I get to take the packing off to see how badly they butchered me so that should kill some time…maybe!?!

So ya if you have some one handed ways to pass the time I’m all ears…save me lol