New Year, new toys

Miss me???

My family has safely returned to Canada after spending 3 weeks visiting us in Japan.

Christmas has come and gone and a new year has begun.

In less than 13 hours my vacation will come to an end. (sigh)

Oh well, it was a good time while it lasted plus I got to be a tourist again for a bit.

So how am I spending my last hours of vacation you ask? Well I’m playing with my new toy.

My hubby (who should be sainted) bought me a Bamboo. No not the plant, the Wacom!

Highly entertaining stuff. So now, I can use my brand new tablet to draw with.

(That is once I get the hang of it and the programs that come with it (1/2 of course are in Japanese :P)

So instead of drawing tonight, I thought I’d try my luck with a bit of photo editing in Corel Painter X.

It’s for my hubby’s blog. (Oh and Greg I hope this is entertaining enough for ya 🙂 )

Gamera and Hubby

Cheers and Happy New Year!


7 thoughts on “New Year, new toys

  1. Umm, that photo doesn’t look very edited. At least the core of it. Which would mean that Jon is ACTUALLY standing next to Gamera. Which would mean that over the Christmas vacation, Jon grew 200 feet taller!

    Does the city of Tokyo need to be warned?!


  2. Nice to hear you had a great time with family at Christmas!!! Computer broke, but apart from that Christmas was great here!
    hummm looking for pics …. i’m gonna keep looking… he he he


  3. I am especially pleased with this picture of JD. You did a terrific job! I saw it first on his blog. I wondered what he gave you for Christmas – you were in the middle of the search when I called – I’m glad you are enjoying it! I’m glad he’s good to you!! I knew he would be!

    Love ya!


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