So this is where I live eh?

Well, we’ve arrived safe and sound in Alberta.

We’ve packed up everything we owned, shoved it into a U-Haul and drove the 50 plus hours across the country. funnnnnnnnnn

“Why” you ask? Well that’s a good freaking question. Simply put, “Gold Rush Fever“.

Alberta supposedly has the jobs.

But no one’s been pounding down my door, begging for the skills only I possess, like I had envisioned….

So the hunt continues.

In terms of living arrangements, we’re still waiting for our suite to be finished.

Until then, we’re back to living out of boxes. Yippee.

I’ve of course made sure all my art supplies are within arms length just in case some inspirational muse decides to ambush me in a dark alley somewhere. 😉

I’ll keep you posted on life but more importantly art as it pops up.