Art Flier & Article

Two awesome things today!

1- My coolest and newest ART Flier that I have in circulation! Pass it on! Email it to all your friends & family!

2-Mr. Doug Geivett was kind enough to write a VERY interesting article on my “Guitar-The Colour of Music” piece. Run don’t walk to check it out and I expect everyone to answer all the questions and mail me their used instruments! 😉 Read the article here. Continue reading “Art Flier & Article”

New Series: “Life Simplified” Part two

Yesterday I was able to finish up the watercolor painting on the four “Life Simplified” pieces.

Of course, I couldn’t resist going a bit colorful. It’s just my nature!

I did however do only flat colors with minimal shading because I’m going to be writing all over them.

Thus, no need for too much detail.

That being said, here’s a peak at them all colorful like.

Just for fun I’ve added the black outline for a before and after comparison Continue reading “New Series: “Life Simplified” Part two”

New Series: “Life Simplified”

So I’m still unemployed. J says I should take advantage of this time to focus my creative energies into my artwork. So, that’s what I’m attempting to do. I’ve started a new series called “Life Simplified.” I’ve been doing alot of painting lately and thought I’d take a breather from my bold acrylic colors and try some softer watercolor shades. (Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Acrylic, I just feel like something a bit mellower right now)

That being said, remember the “Hold Me” series I did in Japan?

Well, I really liked #3 in that series and have decided to do a spin off of it.

So on Sunday, we went out art supply shopping (my favorite type of shopping!!!). I bought art supplies and my husband bought a terabyte portable hard drive…this year’s anniversary theme was flowers, fruit or an appliance…we both rationalized that a portable hard drive has to constitute as an appliance…right? 😛 Continue reading “New Series: “Life Simplified””

That I would be good

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted a video with one of my paintings.

Since I’m still feeling craptacular I thought it was only fitting to put this song

with this new unnamed piece. Continue reading “That I would be good”