Art Flier & Article

Two awesome things today!

1- My coolest and newest ART Flier that I have in circulation! Pass it on! Email it to all your friends & family!

2-Mr. Doug Geivett was kind enough to write a VERY interesting article on my “Guitar-The Colour of Music” piece. Run don’t walk to check it out and I expect everyone to answer all the questions and mail me their used instruments! 😉 Read the article here. Continue reading “Art Flier & Article”

and now back to the ART

As I mentioned earlier in the week, I’ve been toying with the idea of changing the background of the “Tribal Holding” piece (#4 in the Hold Me series) to a darker solid red.

So that’s what I did this morning and am glad I did.

You can be the judge for yourself, but I think it gave it that extra edge it was missing.

Here’s the before,—–>Hold Me #4 Here’s the after,—–>Tribal holding revised

So ya, now I’m completely satisfied with it. 🙂

Keep checking back, I’m hoping to add a few more things later today.



Tribal holding

Well its finished. “Hold Me #4” that is.

When looking back at the previous 3 pieces I noticed the couple was fairly distinguishable from each other.

I decided this time I would make them more interconnected.

I also thought I’d aim for a tribal/tattooed look.

So here it is, another one completed.

(At least mostly that is. I still haven’t decided whether it would look better with just a solid red background instead. So, I may change it later)

Hold Me #4
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