Between the Rock and a niche place

I have this problem. It all started by being a follower of God.  Don’t get me wrong, God is not the issue here, being a Christian and an Artist however apparently is. You see if I was JUST a Christian or JUST an Artist there’d be less of an issue but because I am both, I’m an outcast. An outcast from the world’s standards because I’m  considered a “niche” artist, “that’s great art and all but I can’t hang that in my office because of the religious connotations” and an outcast in the church because despite the statement that we are all created in the image of God they seem to take issue with us that lean more toward the creative scope of God’s personality that aren’t on the praise team. Since I worship, witness and praise my God using a paint brush they don’t know what to do with me. I don’t fit into their nicely labelled how can we use you box because they have thrown out the one we did fit into.

I grew up in a little Baptist church on the east coast, every Sunday morning sunlight shone through beautiful stain glass windows that members had commissioned to beautify the church, to illustrate stories and characters from the Bible. It had gorgeous carved wooden doors, beautiful pews, vibrant choir robes, there was color and texture and beauty all around and it was all made by people blessed with the gift of craftsmanship. I understand that times change and we’re living in a “modern” world that doesn’t cling to the traditional things anymore but how have we lost the value and beauty of  Art?

Art and the Church have always been a dynamic duo. We worship a creative God for crying out loud, we should be witnessing to his awesomeness using ALL the gifts that come from him. Art and the Church date way back before the Renaissance, God commissions art and artwork in Exodus for his temple and the purpose it served was not practical like today’s gray or taupe walled Big box Factory churches it was for Beauty, to fill people’s senses. We worship a Creative God so why aren’t we using our creations to worship him? It doesn’t make sense!

Instead believers and non believers are coming to churches that have no color and no beauty just practicality with neon lights, a projector and a catchy praise song. Do we truly believe that God is coming back or are we just holding a really long  memorial service? If we say we are ALIVE in Christ then why don’t we look it? The church should be bright and colorful and a feast for the senses because God made us and the world like that. It should be full of joy and celebration and it should show how the holy spirit is working in us and for those of us with the gift of craftsmanship that is our Art. If you want a modern church then have modern Christian Art that speaks about a Creative God who is alive and well and working in us. Words are not Enough!



In sickness & health

I hope this isn’t foreshadowing for the rest of 2009.

So where have I been you might ask…oh yanno sick.

After Christmas holidays I started  feeling very lethargic.

No energy and no motivation.

So I spent my days off lounging around, reading,  sleeping, knitting, watching anime all zero energy activities.

(wait days “off” you say? Yes, days off. I started working part time at the Dow Center ~ironically the same building that has the art gallery that is hosting my work in 2010~ as a Child minding attendant. I essentially help supervise and take care of kids 0-8yrs while their parents go about stuff there ie: the Gym/Fitness Center/Theater/Physio/etc …did I mention it’s a big building?)


Then my lungs started acting up like someone was squeezing them shut,  that’s when I dug out my inhalers.

One morning I woke up with cough and assumed I had caught a chest cold.

So I started my cold routine.

I  made my ginger honey lemon tea, had foods with lots of garlic and other beneficial herbs and tried to get lots of rest.

But alas 2 weeks later it still hadn’t cleared so come Sunday morning  after being up every 2 hours coughing we went  to the Hospital to get checked.

They of course, only confirmed what I had already assumed.

I had gotten a bad case of  Bronchitis.

Blah, so now I’m doing a week of penicillin with the hopes that it will finally be purged from my system.

Needless to say my creativity’s been a  bit low.

But I still managed to pull off 4 paintings in that time.

Today’s piece is “Believe in Me”

It is an 11″ x 15″ watercolor word art commission that I received over the Christmas holidays from an old High School friend back home.

She selected the words and requested it be done with a father, son and pregnant mother as she is soon expecting her second child.


Well that’s it for today.

Check in tomorrow when I’ll be posting 1 of 2 completely abstract paitings.



#6 of Life Simplified

#6 of Life Simplified series: “Embrace Me”

em·brace [ em bráyss ]

verb ~ definition:

1. transitive and intransitive verb hug somebody: to hug somebody in your arms affectionately

or passionately, or hug each other affectionately or passionately

2. transitive verb make use of something: to welcome and take advantage of something eagerly or willingly

3. transitive verb adopt something: to adopt or take up something, especially a belief or way of life

4. transitive verb comprise something: to include something as part of a whole

5. transitive verb surround something: to surround or enclose something ( literary ) ( often passive )

noun ~ definition:

warm hug: an affectionate or passionate hug

[14th century. < Old French embracer “take into your arms” < Latin bracchium “arm”] Continue reading “#6 of Life Simplified”

#3 of Life Simplified

Well #3 is finished in the “Life Simplified” series that just leaves #4.

As I mentioned previously in 1 & 2 I’m trying to focus on the simplified aspects of relationships.

Since I’ve already done: “Play with me” and “Kiss me” I decided to move away from the physical realm.

Because really, relationships *gasp* aren’t only about the physical perks. Continue reading “#3 of Life Simplified”