Drowning in Lies

I finally finished the collage I’ve been working on, thanks to the rubber cement I picked up last week. It’s called “Drowning in Lies” and is 16″ x 20″ mounted … Continue reading Drowning in Lies

7 styles of—

I’ve taken a break from the “Curvy” series and started a new series focused on shoes. More specifically, stilettos. The series will be called “7 styles of  ————–” Why the … Continue reading 7 styles of—

Persistence-Three Fold Prayer series

A day late but as promised. Here is #1 “Persistence” of a 3 part series on prayer. Each piece is 11″ x 15″. The series is based on the 3 … Continue reading Persistence-Three Fold Prayer series

#6 of Life Simplified

#6 of Life Simplified series: “Embrace Me” em·brace [ em bráyss ] verb ~ definition: 1. transitive and intransitive verb hug somebody: to hug somebody in your arms affectionately or … Continue reading #6 of Life Simplified

More serious stuff, the “Hold Me” series finale

Well, I’m concluding the “Hold Me” series. Here’s the last one, Hold Me #5–> and here’s a vid to accompany it. Chasing Cars by Snow patrol Someday I may re-visit … Continue reading More serious stuff, the “Hold Me” series finale