Drowning in Lies

I finally finished the collage I’ve been working on, thanks to the rubber cement I picked up last week. It’s called “Drowning in Lies” and is 16″ x 20″ mounted … Continue reading Drowning in Lies

7 styles of—

I’ve taken a break from the “Curvy” series and started a new series focused on shoes. More specifically, stilettos. The series will be called “7 styles of  ————–” Why the … Continue reading 7 styles of—

Sarah’s Prayer

I’ve been working on this piece for a few months now off and on. The idea came to me and I instantly knew I had to paint it. This will … Continue reading Sarah’s Prayer

She’s Alive!

Alright so I haven’t exactly been the best little blogger in the world lately. But I’ve been swamped, really! As I mentioned in previous posts, I’m getting ready for the … Continue reading She’s Alive!

The colour of music

This is a piece I did back in 2005. It’s an old guitar I got as a Christmas present one year when I was feeling especially ambitious. I thought it … Continue reading The colour of music

Girls just want to have fun!

Just another doodle I finished today. It’s fun, colorful and stereotypes women…meh it’s art. 😛 Can you guess the girl types???And no I haven’t finished the “sex” painting yet. I … Continue reading Girls just want to have fun!