pretty prints

Alrighty. Here are the prints I’ve been working on lately. The betta fish piece was a trial run of printing on painted paper. I thought the multicolored effect suited the … Continue reading pretty prints

7 styles of—

I’ve taken a break from the “Curvy” series and started a new series focused on shoes. More specifically, stilettos. The series will be called “7 styles of  ————–” Why the … Continue reading 7 styles of—

Guitar Commission-Part Three the conclusion

Well, the guitar commission is finally finished and delivered to the customer. I’m still not quite sure if I like it with or without the hands better, but it doesn’t … Continue reading Guitar Commission-Part Three the conclusion

Guitar Commission-Part Two

There’s just something about painting 3D objects that’s a fun, fun change from canvas. The guitar is progressing beautifully. I’m just waiting for some of the detail work to dry … Continue reading Guitar Commission-Part Two

#4 of Life Simplified

I just finished it. #4 of the Life Simplified series is now complete. I’m thinking I may extend this series. Like my husband so kindly pointed out, there are 12 … Continue reading #4 of Life Simplified

#1 of Life Simplified

*Gasp* I haven’t posted for a few days! Hubby and I went away camping in Banff for the long weekend. Much needed R&R/alone time was had. Although, as is standard … Continue reading #1 of Life Simplified

Absence makes the heart grow fonder?

Wow, it’s been awhile, and what’s my excuse you ask? Well simply put, I’ve been busy. Christmas is coming so I’ve been prepping Christmas classes at the Eikaiwa as well … Continue reading Absence makes the heart grow fonder?

“Life” complete with “sex”

Ok, well it’s finished, “life” that is. Or at least as finished as it’s going to get for a while. But first, let’s look at sex. This piece was hard … Continue reading “Life” complete with “sex”