7 styles of—

I’ve taken a break from the “Curvy” series and started a new series focused on shoes.

More specifically, stilettos.

The series will be called “7 styles ofย  ————–”

Why the blank? Well that’s because I’m not telling just yet.

I want to see what you, the viewer might think it is.

What comes to mind when you think of high heel shoes?

The series will consist of 7 watercolor and ink paintings each 9″x12″ with a stiletto as the subject.

Here is #1.RED

And as per the norm, I was too impatient to wait for the ink to dry.

Let me know your thoughts.



9 thoughts on “7 styles of—

  1. I wouldn’t say she’s missing the point.
    I’d say she’s giving the standard answer that women have been brainwashed to believe as truth and have come to accept.
    Society’s & Fashion’s Beauty isn’t pain, it’s Bondage.
    Bondage to an unrealistic and unattainable ideal.


  2. lol it’s simply unrealistic for me to walk in stilettos. I would fall over and over again… and falling is not sexy. But some women are good at it, they’ve had practice, and they don’t mind the pain.I like to think that i’m not a slave to these ideals, but i have to admit that i still surrender to some social norms when it comes to beauty (i think most people do to some extent). It’s interesting to see how many women cross the limit i would never cross myself.
    the + side of stilletos : they make your legs and butt look better.
    the – side of stilletos : causes many physical problems for feet, posture and the calf muscles.
    I’m not sold. haha


  3. lol don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying every woman is 100% conditioned to follow societies guidelines for beauty.
    I’m just saying there are women who do.
    I’m not on my soapbox to preach about the fallacies of beauty, I’m just here to provoke thought.

    As for stilletos, I’m as guilty as the next woman for thinking there’s a mystical sexy quality to them,
    but like you have the graces of a drunken camel while wearing them lol

    Besides, aesthetically speaking, they’re fun to draw, and is just another thing I need to get out of my system ๐Ÿ˜‰


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