Drowning in Lies

I finally finished the collage I’ve been working on, thanks to the rubber cement I picked up last week. It’s called “Drowning in Lies” and is 16″ x 20″ mounted … Continue reading Drowning in Lies

“Life Simplified” at a glance

Just thought I’d do a quick post to review the “Life Simplified” series. So far the series consists of 7 pieces. Each done using watercolor and permanent marker on 11″ … Continue reading “Life Simplified” at a glance

#3 of Life Simplified

Well #3 is finished in the “Life Simplified” series that just leaves #4. As I mentioned previously in 1 & 2 I’m trying to focus on the simplified aspects of … Continue reading #3 of Life Simplified

#1 of Life Simplified

*Gasp* I haven’t posted for a few days! Hubby and I went away camping in Banff for the long weekend. Much needed R&R/alone time was had. Although, as is standard … Continue reading #1 of Life Simplified

Art Flier & Article

Two awesome things today! 1- My coolest and newest ART Flier that I have in circulation! Pass it on! Email it to all your friends & family! 2-Mr. Doug Geivett … Continue reading Art Flier & Article

“Life” complete with “sex”

Ok, well it’s finished, “life” that is. Or at least as finished as it’s going to get for a while. But first, let’s look at sex. This piece was hard … Continue reading “Life” complete with “sex”

Girls just want to have fun!

Just another doodle I finished today. It’s fun, colorful and stereotypes women…meh it’s art. 😛 Can you guess the girl types???And no I haven’t finished the “sex” painting yet. I … Continue reading Girls just want to have fun!