#4 of Life Simplified

I just finished it.

#4 of the Life Simplified series is now complete.

I’m thinking I may extend this series.

Like my husband so kindly pointed out, there are 12 sheets and I’ve only used 4 of them.

That, and I’m really enjoying working on them.

I’m hoping to do up another set either today or this weekend.

I’ll post them of course when they’re sketched out.

Anyway, here’s #4 “Cherish Me.” Continue reading “#4 of Life Simplified”

#3 of Life Simplified

Well #3 is finished in the “Life Simplified” series that just leaves #4.

As I mentioned previously in 1 & 2 I’m trying to focus on the simplified aspects of relationships.

Since I’ve already done: “Play with me” and “Kiss me” I decided to move away from the physical realm.

Because really, relationships *gasp* aren’t only about the physical perks. Continue reading “#3 of Life Simplified”

#2 of Life Simplified

Well the title give’s it away. I’ve finished the 2nd installment of the “Life Simplified” series.

Why “Kiss me” you might ask?

Well simply put, I think everyone wants and needs to be kissed and to kiss. Thus, “Kiss me”.

I must admit, I’m enjoying how sensual these pieces are turning out. Of course they’re even better in person.

The camera just doesn’t capture the richness of tones or texture that’s in each piece. See, this is why you should buy or commission one 😉

Anyway, here it is. Continue reading “#2 of Life Simplified”

More serious stuff, the “Hold Me” series finale

Well, I’m concluding the “Hold Me” series.

Here’s the last one, Hold Me #5–>Hold Me 5 and here’s a vid to accompany it.

Chasing Cars by Snow patrol

Someday I may re-visit the series, but for now I’m done.

So here it is, the series at a glance and another classic video to enjoy with it.

Hold Me 1..#1 Hold Me 2..Hold Me #2 3.. 4.. Tribal holding revised5..Hold Me 5

Hold Me Now by the Thompson Twins



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