#4 of Life Simplified

I just finished it.

#4 of the Life Simplified series is now complete.

I’m thinking I may extend this series.

Like my husband so kindly pointed out, there are 12 sheets and I’ve only used 4 of them.

That, and I’m really enjoying working on them.

I’m hoping to do up another set either today or this weekend.

I’ll post them of course when they’re sketched out.

Anyway, here’s #4 “Cherish Me.”

And here’s a look at the series so far.



To commission the artist email her at themilkeway@gmail.com

2 thoughts on “#4 of Life Simplified

  1. I like this one. The words work nicely with the image. It does have that intimate feeling.

    This one could be an alternate “kiss me,” though it has a more intimate feeling than that one’s passion.

    Good stuff.


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