“life” not so “simplified”

I think it’s ironic (and perhaps I’m actually using the term right for once) that while working on a series

called “life simplified” mine ends up feeling not so simple.

I have added three more pieces to the series, although I’ve yet to put down a single pencil stroke.

I do have the preliminary images outlined and even the words selected.

I’ll post them sometime.

I also have another exhibitΒ  happening on the 18th of this month.

I’ll post about that sometime too.

In the mean time, here’s something to keep you musically entertained.



You can commission artwork from the artist by emailing her at themilkeway@gmail.com

One thought on ““life” not so “simplified”

  1. While I have enjoyed much of the Gathering that I’ve heard, I find this piece a little slow for my tastes.

    As for whomever chose the images, I wonder how much infighting there is over how central that one woman is.


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