Well I’ve finally finished something. I feel like I’ve been pulled in 10 different directions and it’s not going to stop yet. So what have a finished? #2 in the … Continue reading “Promise”-Complete

Three Fold Prayer & Thanksgiving

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving to you all! I spent all of yesterday baking, cooking and painting. Fun! So what did I get accomplished you might ask? Well, I made two pumpkin … Continue reading Three Fold Prayer & Thanksgiving

“Life Simplified” at a glance

Just thought I’d do a quick post to review the “Life Simplified” series. So far the series consists of 7 pieces. Each done using watercolor and permanent marker on 11″ … Continue reading “Life Simplified” at a glance

#7 of Life Simplified

Create ~ krē-āt verb 14th century Middle English, from Latin creatus, past participle of creare; akin to Latin crescere to grow te: 1: to bring into existence 2 a: to … Continue reading #7 of Life Simplified