Well I’ve finally finished something.

I feel like I’ve been pulled in 10 different directions and it’s not going to stop yet.

So what have a finished? #2 in the Three Fold Prayer series: “Promise”

Here it is for your viewing pleasure.

I really like the blue on this one. It’s just so rich.

As for the bookmarks yes I am still working on them and I was hoping to post those as well but the darn things take so long to dry.

So they’re not finished yet.

Maybe tomorrow…I dunno.

Well Cheers for now!


Commission Completed-Monarch’s Touch

Well, I finished it.

My first commission is now complete. Currently, it’s an unnamed 8” x 10” painting.

See the problem is, I haven’t decided if I like it. Yes I know, if you’ve been following along to this blog at all you’ll say “Yeah, but that’s what you always say after finishing a piece.” And it’s true, but this time I really mean it, honest!

I asked my husband and he reassures me it’s nice, but I’m still doubtful.

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The Mr. Perry

I decided I’d keep working on my friend portraits and Mr. Perry is the latest addition to my “friend collection.”

I thought I’d go with a simple 2 tone effect for this piece.

I think he turned out quite nicely 😛 (let’s hope he thinks so too)

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