The thinker

Here’s another piece hot off the wacom.

I’m really enjoying this new toy!

Here’s a portrait of my hubby.

Again let me know what you think!


Cheers and Goodnight!


15 Replies to “The thinker”

  1. Whew! As I clicked the “more” link I was kind of worried I’d end up seeing an image of Jon emulating Rodin’s work of the same name. *shudder*

    Thanks for not scarring me with that image. šŸ™‚

    Good job with this one though.


  2. yeah this is a great one of jon! i saw the thinking jon before the sleeping jon… šŸ™‚ unless you’re that bored with what you’re thinking, jon…:P


  3. Thanks. Glad you all liked it. I’m loving this new toy, it’s so much fun. I just want to quit my job and sit at home drawing all day…then again I wanted to do that before I got it :P.
    On a side note one of the google searches that brought people here today was “naked butt painting” lol It just struck me funny so I thought I’d share. :)I figure I’ll have to name a piece after it.


  4. Wow hun…you make it look so easy!…that’s amazing with your bamboo thingy..that you can make a picture like that off of it..
    even though it is of Jon…=0p

    Love you guys
    keep the art flowing!


  5. Hi!

    That is a great likeness of JD. I didn’t see him as sleeping -maybe reading, or as you said thinking! You did a terrific job with his beard, glasses, ear, hair and face!!! Denis came in when I was looking at it and before he knew it was JD – he said that looks like Jonathan!!! Really great job!!!

    Love ya!


  6. Wow!!! You do such a great job. I love this one and would love to have it hanging in my house. Now we need one of you. Well J get to work. Love ya


  7. Thanks. I like it too, I need to print it out but I don’t have a printer. Have to wait til I’m home again.


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