Pregnant Pause

Here’s my latest piece again done using my Wacom and Corel Painter X.

Let me know what you think, it’s open for interpretation.

I just felt like drawing a pregnant woman and this is how things turned out.

Pregnant Pause

Cheers for now,


(and no, I’m not pregnant for those of you who would wonder)

15 thoughts on “Pregnant Pause

  1. I really don’t know what to say about this piece. The last time I saw it, it seemed to be a silhouette of a pregnant woman.

    It’s changed. A bit.

    I’m afraid that I don’t understand it. Sorry.


  2. I should clarify.

    I was lazy and I didn’t actually click on the whole picture, so I didn’t see the back half of her shape (and the other arm). I knew they were there, but I felt my interpretation of the art was more amusing without the clarity.

    Fuzzy Logic for the win. 🙂


  3. it’s funny but the more I look at it, the more I get “walk like an Egyptian” running through my head. lol what can I say, I was bored when I made it.


  4. I swear I turn my back on you two for 2 seconds and this is what happens…do it on someone else’s blog lol At this rate I’ll need a viewers warning not for the art but for the comments oy!


  5. *ugh* well it’s finally happened thanks to you two smucks.
    Yesterday I got 3 hits for your h-porn comments! bleh I think I’ll scour my site with bleach now….consider your comments edited.


  6. I think that you captured the female form before birth very well. I might have went for something other than a strawberry but hey, that’s what art is all about, our own unique interpretation.
    I get excited when I see pregnancy represented in a positive and powerful way. It’s a great way to honor the unique gift that comes w/being woman.
    Keep up the great pregnancy work! 🙂


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