The Mr. Perry

I decided I’d keep working on my friend portraits and Mr. Perry is the latest addition to my “friend collection.”

I thought I’d go with a simple 2 tone effect for this piece.

I think he turned out quite nicely 😛 (let’s hope he thinks so too)

The Mr. Perry

The Mr. Perry



**8 weeks till work is over**

12 thoughts on “The Mr. Perry

  1. Heh, cool, though I think he, Fuffle, and I are a little gypped, since M and R are both real media and we’re limited to digital.

    OH, and this is now the third piece wherein one of us has our hand to our face (the Fuffle’s hand is up, but R, W, and I all have the whole leaning/thinking thing going).


  2. Oh and I can merchandise it easier lol. Like a Mr. Perry notebook or a Mr. Perry t-shirt lol Let me know if anyone wants to order any pieces on merchandise lol I can make it happen in a jiffy.


  3. It’s very nice. Thanks for finally getting to me! hehe.
    But . . . if you took all our portraits, and put them side by side, one might come to the conclusion that you have quite the depressed group of friends. Methinks the only exception to this one is yer sister’s. We’re just so emo!


  4. lol I’d say you, J and Robin may pass for depressed but Mark certainly wouldn’t. Then again, maybe you guys look depressed because you’re trying to contain Mark’s unstoppable madness lol
    And ya 8 weeks till freedom sadly longer until home 😦


  5. Ya visiting with J’s family for a bit plus flights are cheaper if you’re heading out west rather than east. Asides from other plans lol I don’t think so, got any suggestions hehe


  6. So I’d have to agree with J on this one
    I do like this one of Wes though
    See I want one done like this…LOL…not pinky McPink Lips…heheh

    Love ya babe
    8 WEEKS!!!!!


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