Well I must be doing something right!

Just thought I’d share this with my readers.

Today lol I got a C&D a Cease and Desist.

For what you might ask…well, remember the pop art piece I did of my friend Eve.

Well when I went to look at my recent comments I found this on my “about me” page:

” Dear Sir, the name arteve is copyrights by myself and at the patentamt Munich in 1999. Please sont use this name for your business because I am using this name art eve and pop art eve since the year 1998.
Sincerely eva Horstick-Schmitt germany”

I figure I’ll leave it there for posterity for awhile…it amuses me.

Anyway, apparently this person feels my descriptor of “pop art” combined with the friends name “Eve” is infringing on his/her copyright.

I’m not terribly worried since I have neither business nor art piece by that name.

However, I thought it was worth a chuckle, so I had to share.

And hey look at it this way, I’m being noticed in Munich 😛

Just in case

Just in case you think I got lost, you can rest assured I haven’t.

(Although with the amount of stuff we have to pack it’s quite easy to get buried alive in there…seriously)

Sadly, I still haven’t found any time to be creative.

My current routine consists of work, eat, work, sleep, pack, pack, pack and repeat.

On the upside, only 3 more weeks to go. On the down side, only 3 more weeks to go! *yikes*

Quickly loosing her sanity,