Just wanted to drop everyone a quick note to say my creative energies have been re-directed as of late.

We are currently at the 4 week countdown stage.

For those of you just tuning in, that means we have 4 weeks until we move out of our apartment in Japan and back to Canada.

Now for those of you who think moving within your own country is stressful, try doing an international move out of a country that doesn’t speak you language…

Needless to say, things have been (and will only get more) hectic as the days go by.

But there is light at the end of the tunnel, as we’ll be taking a nice sunny vacation to Okinawa and Kyoto before leaving the country.

Anyway bear with me as I may not be posting as frequently as I’d like to.



3 thoughts on “Crazyness

  1. oh of course! I hope everything goes smoothly, and that you have a great vacation…! 4weeks… you guys must be a bit anxious by now!


  2. I think a bit is an understatement of grand proportions 😛 but ya.
    We’ll be home come May because we’ll be visiting with J’s family for a few weeks first before making the trek across the country.


  3. I’m sure J’s family is so exited to see you both very soon!!! May is alright 🙂 …. time flies anyways and you’ll be arriving when the snow will sure (hopefully!!!!) to be all melted. There’s a lot out there….! Gasp. Remember we’re all thinking of you guys and wishing the best in this transitional time!


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