I wasn’t planning on posting anything this evening but, I started working on this piece after work and finished it in a few hours.

I figured I may as well share it since it’s finished.

I’ve titled it “Pierced”.

I could try to give you this long and no doubt disjointed explanation on the symbolism etcetera, but I’ve never been the best with words.

Instead, I’ll just let the piece speak for itself and leave it at that.




7 Replies to “Pierced”

  1. Though I get the underlying symbolism, and I definitely know where you’re coming from…

    …for some reason, the first thing that comes to mind is Evangelion.

    I like it. I like the slight blur; I like the shininess; I like the cross as sword as cross; I like the fact that it’s a real heart and not… heart-shaped (you know what I mean).

    Good stuff.


  2. Well, since you pointed out that few were commenting on this one . . . it’s nice, I guess, but it rather makes me ill. :-s


  3. I would have commented as well, but I had just finished reading From Hell by Alan Moore and I couldn’t help but think of the art of Sir William Gull when gazing upon this piece.


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