Old and New “Echoed Thoughts”

I was going through my old pieces and came upon this painting I had given to my sister as a birthday/Christmas present

(I can’t remember which) back in 05. So I thought what the heck I’ll play around with it.

(If you’re curious the original was based off of a similar image I liked though for the life of me and I can’t remember what lol)

So here is the original:

“Echoed Thoughts”

Echoed Thought


“Echoed Thoughts revisited”

Echoed Thoughts revisited

I like the second one better I think. The semi washed/black light look is fun.


Cheers and G-night!


13 thoughts on “Old and New “Echoed Thoughts”

  1. I’m not sure which one I like most, but I do like the tecturing in the second – it seems to provoke thought and mystery “Is there something more there or am I imagining things?”

    This picture makes me pensive, so I see that as good. It has depth.


  2. Duly noted. I may take the time someday to re-do it on a larger scale (probably the same size as my other large paintings) but most likely not until I get back to Canada (that way I don’t have to worry about moving a large canvas across the world) But I think it has the potential to be something really good when I have the time to invest in it some more.

    Oh and out of curiosity did everyone miss the previous piece or just not have anything to say?


  3. well maybe someday you can have a copy. I’ve been looking into companies that will print my digital art/photo’s of my old art on canvas for me. That way I could technically sell multiples of one image. Tell ya what I’ll give you a break, I’ll only charge a 300% mark up…that’s reasonable right because you’re my sister so you should know better than anyone the true value of my art and well that’s certainly a steal of a deal eh!


  4. Darling, darling, darling. A 300% mark up on what you charged her for the last piece is nothing.


    So, I think you should just charge her $300. Or a 300% mark up on what the printing costs. Oh, I like that!


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