Old and New “Echoed Thoughts”

I was going through my old pieces and came upon this painting I had given to my sister as a birthday/Christmas present

(I can’t remember which) back in 05. So I thought what the heck I’ll play around with it.

(If you’re curious the original was based off of a similar image I liked though for the life of me and I can’t remember what lol)

So here is the original:

“Echoed Thoughts”

Echoed Thought


“Echoed Thoughts revisited”

Echoed Thoughts revisited

I like the second one better I think. The semi washed/black light look is fun.


Cheers and G-night!


13 Replies to “Old and New “Echoed Thoughts””

  1. I’m not sure which one I like most, but I do like the tecturing in the second – it seems to provoke thought and mystery “Is there something more there or am I imagining things?”

    This picture makes me pensive, so I see that as good. It has depth.


  2. i like the second one because it has a certain feel that she’s watching/assisting a crazy sunset, in a crazy place.


  3. Duly noted. I may take the time someday to re-do it on a larger scale (probably the same size as my other large paintings) but most likely not until I get back to Canada (that way I don’t have to worry about moving a large canvas across the world) But I think it has the potential to be something really good when I have the time to invest in it some more.

    Oh and out of curiosity did everyone miss the previous piece or just not have anything to say?


  4. I really like this one!..I like the remake that you did…you should give this to me…
    Love you


  5. well maybe someday you can have a copy. I’ve been looking into companies that will print my digital art/photo’s of my old art on canvas for me. That way I could technically sell multiples of one image. Tell ya what I’ll give you a break, I’ll only charge a 300% mark up…that’s reasonable right because you’re my sister so you should know better than anyone the true value of my art and well that’s certainly a steal of a deal eh!


  6. Darling, darling, darling. A 300% mark up on what you charged her for the last piece is nothing.


    So, I think you should just charge her $300. Or a 300% mark up on what the printing costs. Oh, I like that!


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