Commission Completed-Monarch’s Touch

Well, I finished it.

My first commission is now complete. Currently, it’s an unnamed 8” x 10” painting.

See the problem is, I haven’t decided if I like it. Yes I know, if you’ve been following along to this blog at all you’ll say “Yeah, but that’s what you always say after finishing a piece.” And it’s true, but this time I really mean it, honest!

I asked my husband and he reassures me it’s nice, but I’m still doubtful.

So what do you think?

I think the problem is that it just doesn’t feel, well, colourful/vibrant enough for me.

Anyone who has taken a moment to just skim through my gallery can see how bright my pieces are.

So I think it’s the brown tones that are throwing me off.

I guess in the long run it doesn’t really matter if I like it, so long as my patron does.

Well, I’m off to work on another much larger piece.



If you’d like to commission a piece, email me at

Oh and interestingly enough, this is my 100th post! Yeah me.

5 thoughts on “Commission Completed-Monarch’s Touch

  1. Such is the problem with a commission. The colours aren’t for you to like, they’re for someone else to like. I quite enjoy the subdued copper-y tones in the back.


  2. Yanno, somehow I kinda figured you’d like those tones. 😉
    But ya, it’s going to be a challenge to get used to. But it’s going to be a fun challenge.


  3. Glad to hear she liked it! well i do too, and I think the colors are fine, since the essence of the painting is pretty much the same. The effect of the hand still stands out great, and the effects of the colors are still there. Just different colors!
    Anywho, I’m sure you’ll have fun with these challenges in the future!


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