Commissions and Exhibitions

Well, well, well lol, things have certainly picked up around here. Let me fill you in.

Last week, as I mentioned, I decided to place an add on to try to bring in some business and get a bit of publicity for my Artwork (seeing as how I’m still unemployed). The response I received was unexpected to say the least.

First off, I’ve received a commission project to do a painting. My commission customer liked the “Life” series I painted in Japan. For those of my readers that need a bit of a refresher, that would be this series of paintings.

Anyway, she particularly liked “Creator’s Touch” which is the middle piece with the hand. So I offered to do a similar piece for her with the colors of her choosing. When I finish it, I’ll be sure to post pictures.

Since then, I’ve received three price inquiries on the series. Seems like it’s a popular choice. Sadly however, people seem to run in fear once I quote said price, as I still haven’t sold it. Which kind of suits my husband just fine, since he seems to like this series quite a bit. I dunno, I hate putting a price on my Artwork.

Here’s a CHALLENGE FOR MY READERS if you were to buy this series, what would you estimate it’s price/value to be???? Leave me a comment telling me what you think.

Right, so back to commissions, I even had a request to do a portrait of Michael Jackson… I’m not quite sure how I feel about that, but money is money, right???… We’ll see if anything comes of it.

Next. While surfing I came across this ad:

“Calling Artists and Photographers – Showcase your work!”

So I emailed off an inquiry, and got this response:

” Hi Amanda,
Thanks for the email. I’m opening a music production studio and the thought came to me to showcase local artists’ stuff in the lounge area.- In the same vain as showcasing in a restaurant or cafe for a period of time- just hang your stuff up for a month or 2 and possibly make some sales. I haven’t thought of it in any more detail than that, would you be interested? I checked out your work, it’s very good. I like your style-“

How could I pass that up???

So I called said ad poster, Jonny, back and made arrangements. To make a long story short, J drove me over and mounted my work and now Jonny has 7 of my paintings on display until October 4th. Pretty sweet eh! I’m hoping I’ll maybe make a couple of sales/commissions or get asked to do a album cover. Either way, it gets my stuff out of the house and seen.

The seven pieces currently on exhibit are: “Blue Holiday” (a tribute to Billie Holiday), “Soul Mates”, “Winter’s Tree”, “Lover’s Embrace”, “Despair”, “Afterglow,” and “Unexplained”

Each piece is displayed with a snazzy little card detailing the title, size, medium, price, and my contact information/website. Here are a few pictures of Edmonton Jam Space’s lounge where my Artwork is on exhibit.

Well I guess that’s it for now. Which is probably a good thing; too much more excitement and it might start to go straight to my head. 😛

Well, Cheers for now,


If you’d like to commission a piece, email me at

12 thoughts on “Commissions and Exhibitions

  1. I’M SO EXCITED FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Your paintings look awesome up around the studio!!!
    CONGRATS SWEETIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I think your “Life” series should be $150! NO LESS!! Espeacially since it comes as a set….and some places $150 would be to little!
    OMG SO EXCITED FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    LOVE YOU!!!!!


  2. Congratulations Amanda!! That should bring some sales and commissions. I think the price you have set for the series is reasonable. Just a thought though, what about asking those seriously interested in the series what they would like to pay – then you can decide if you want to let it go for that. Who knows you may get even more than the price you have in mind!!! I wish you every success! Love ya!!!


  3. Actually, $150 seems like quite a steal for that. Perhaps even literally. The whole series I should say should be no less than $250, and even that is a steal. Were you to mount them in some way to be attached to one another in the intended form, if there is such a thing, then the price should be at least $350 to $500.
    And yes, as my father has found through the years, people seem oft surprised to find what original art work actually costs. Yer not buyin’ framed prints at HomeSense, people!


  4. lol no kidding Wes. I was at Michaels the other day and they had these thingy’s that might work to attach the pieces together.
    I’ve definitely decided that I won’t break the series apart. It was done as a progression and has to stay that way. Originally I quoted it as being $150 then changed my mind and uped it to $200. It’s really hard to put a price tag on something, that so much of you has gone into. I guess I can only hope that someone else (with $) see’s the same value in it that I do.


  5. The way I see it, each ‘slice of life’, as an individual work, would be worth $50 at least. Now, you combine them, we’re not lookin’ a value meal here, we’re instead looking at something which has a sum that is likely greater than its parts. If you know what I’m sayin’.
    As far as sales venues go, I really don’t know. I just tried kijiji for the first time yesterday, and already have found I should have had a higher asking price. A little too easy.
    But methinks you’re looking for a different audience. Something like this: or like this:


  6. I def think 200$ is a very fair price, and like wes said, set together in a frame (or frames) would be more. I can def see how hard it would be to put a price on art! But Hilda had a good point to ask the buyer for the price they’re willing to pay, and you may even get more!


  7. I would not separate them or sell them for less then $200.00 that is a steal. It takes time but the right person will come along that appreciates your work and will pay the price or more for them. Don’t sell yourself short, You are a great artist and it takes time to get your name and work out there.


  8. Hey baby!!,

    I’d have to agree with Wes and Eve! I forgot about the frames…the frames themself will cost quite a bit….so I think nothing less then $500….lol…well maybe not that much…but I’m positive you could sell them to the right person for that price…no doubt!
    Keep it high! You worked hard on those! SWEAT AND BLOOD!!

    Love you


  9. That is very very exciting! I played D&D with her!

    I wouldn’t know anything about art, so i can’t help with prices. But I do think your stuff is really good – we did see a lot of paintings in England…

    Anyway, good luck!


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