Abstract Artist Advertises Art

Well it’s done.

I just finished posting an ad on Kijiji

Now all I can do is wait to see if anyones interested. *fingers crossed*

Here take a gander if you’d like at my Ads:  “Ad 1“, “Ad 2“, “Ad 3” and “Ad 4

I figured there was power in numbers.

Oh and do tell your friends and hey while your at it why not buy/commission something!



No jobs but I still have ART.

So the job hunt isn’t going so hot. I’ve applied to a billion places, office jobs, hotels, photography gigs, etc but I haven’t found what I’m looking for and it hasn’t found me. All I really want to do is get paid for painting. So I’ve decided what the hell, I’ll try posting some stuff on Kijiji and see if anyone wants to buy a painting or two.

But before I do that I thought I’d show you a couple of pieces I’ve been working on and one older piece. Continue reading “No jobs but I still have ART.”