Commissions and Exhibitions

Well, well, well lol, things have certainly picked up around here. Let me fill you in.

Last week, as I mentioned, I decided to place an add on to try to bring in some business and get a bit of publicity for my Artwork (seeing as how I’m still unemployed). The response I received was unexpected to say the least.

First off, I’ve received a commission project to do a painting. My commission customer liked the “Life” series I painted in Japan. For those of my readers that need a bit of a refresher, that would be this series of paintings.

Anyway, she particularly liked “Creator’s Touch” which is the middle piece with the hand. So I offered to do a similar piece for her with the colors of her choosing. When I finish it, I’ll be sure to post pictures.

Since then, I’ve received three price inquiries on the series. Seems like it’s a popular choice. Sadly however, people seem to run in fear once I quote said price, as I still haven’t sold it. Which kind of suits my husband just fine, since he seems to like this series quite a bit. I dunno, I hate putting a price on my Artwork.

Here’s a CHALLENGE FOR MY READERS if you were to buy this series, what would you estimate it’s price/value to be???? Leave me a comment telling me what you think.

Right, so back to commissions, I even had a request to do a portrait of Michael Jackson… I’m not quite sure how I feel about that, but money is money, right???… We’ll see if anything comes of it.

Next. While surfing I came across this ad:

“Calling Artists and Photographers – Showcase your work!”

So I emailed off an inquiry, and got this response:

” Hi Amanda,
Thanks for the email. I’m opening a music production studio and the thought came to me to showcase local artists’ stuff in the lounge area.- In the same vain as showcasing in a restaurant or cafe for a period of time- just hang your stuff up for a month or 2 and possibly make some sales. I haven’t thought of it in any more detail than that, would you be interested? I checked out your work, it’s very good. I like your style-“

How could I pass that up???

So I called said ad poster, Jonny, back and made arrangements. To make a long story short, J drove me over and mounted my work and now Jonny has 7 of my paintings on display until October 4th. Pretty sweet eh! I’m hoping I’ll maybe make a couple of sales/commissions or get asked to do a album cover. Either way, it gets my stuff out of the house and seen.

The seven pieces currently on exhibit are: “Blue Holiday” (a tribute to Billie Holiday), “Soul Mates”, “Winter’s Tree”, “Lover’s Embrace”, “Despair”, “Afterglow,” and “Unexplained”

Each piece is displayed with a snazzy little card detailing the title, size, medium, price, and my contact information/website. Here are a few pictures of Edmonton Jam Space’s lounge where my Artwork is on exhibit.

Well I guess that’s it for now. Which is probably a good thing; too much more excitement and it might start to go straight to my head. 😛

Well, Cheers for now,


If you’d like to commission a piece, email me at