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Commission Completed-Monarch’s Touch

Well, I finished it.

My first commission is now complete. Currently, it’s an unnamed 8” x 10” painting.

See the problem is, I haven’t decided if I like it. Yes I know, if you’ve been following along to this blog at all you’ll say “Yeah, but that’s what you always say after finishing a piece.” And it’s true, but this time I really mean it, honest!

I asked my husband and he reassures me it’s nice, but I’m still doubtful.

So what do you think? Continue reading

“Life” complete with “sex”

Ok, well it’s finished, “life” that is. Or at least as finished as it’s going to get for a while.

But first, let’s look at sex.

This piece was hard to get to.

I think the problem was that I was looking at what sex is and could be and forgot all about what it is to me.
I’m not real concerned if you get it or not, because frankly I think you’d have to be inside my head to fully understand it.

(And the thought of you all walking around in there is a pretty scary concept. That and the fact that I wouldn’t want liability suits springing up because you tripped/fell over something, it is pretty cluttered 😛 )

Either way, here it is. “Sex”~ Life seriesPlease do still feel free to comment.

Alright, here’s Life Series“Life” as it currently stands.

I’ve decided that I won’t just drop the project, but add to it as things come up in my life.

So, section 1 of “life” is complete.