Three Fold Prayer & Thanksgiving

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving to you all!

I spent all of yesterday baking, cooking and painting. Fun!

So what did I get accomplished you might ask?

Well, I made two pumpkin pies, baked some yams and made stuffing.

Oh and I also finished the watercolor on the “Three Fold Prayer” series.

I was able to finish the writing on the first piece “Persistence” however I haven’t had time to take a picture yet.

You’ll just have to wait until my next post.

Here’s a look at the recently added watercolor layer.

(heh it was still wet and curly when I took the picture :P)

As you can see, I’ve given each piece a dark brown background.

The writing however, will only extend out to the begining edge of that said background.

I’m already liking how “Persistence” turned out so I think the series will be nice.

These peices aren’t claimed yet so if you’re interested in purchasing the series or commissioning a similar piece drop me an email: themilkeway(at)

Well, I’m off to eat a bounty of Thanksgiving dishes!



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