More serious stuff, the “Hold Me” series finale

Well, I’m concluding the “Hold Me” series.

Here’s the last one, Hold Me #5–>Hold Me 5 and here’s a vid to accompany it.

Chasing Cars by Snow patrol

Someday I may re-visit the series, but for now I’m done.

So here it is, the series at a glance and another classic video to enjoy with it.

Hold Me 1..#1 Hold Me 2..Hold Me #2 3.. 4.. Tribal holding revised5..Hold Me 5

Hold Me Now by the Thompson Twins



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10 thoughts on “More serious stuff, the “Hold Me” series finale

  1. What, no michael jackson!? I’m disappointed. It seems you’re quickly amassing quite a collection of paintings there. Where are you putting them all in that little apartment? How are you getting them all back to Canada?


  2. lol Their coming home even if my clothes don’t. But my mom’s going to be visiting for Christmas so we’re sending a lot of stuff home with her. That way, we’ll have a lighter load or more room for luggage when we come home in April.


  3. It’s funny how different people appreciate different things. I’d have to say that my favorites are #3 (probably because it’s part of my past) and #4 just because it’s so vibrant. I enjoyed working on this series. It’s fascinating how different colors and approaches can vastly impact/shift the feel of the final product. I do like the contrast of the cold colors and the Hold Me title on #5 though.


  4. I LOVE the whole series!!
    again I want them all…LOL…have I mentioned I love your art!!
    something I need to get back into is….my…wish I had more time in the day!!
    I’ll just have to start bringing my sketch pad to class with me…start doing still life of the collage atmosphere….
    anywho..I LOVE YOU!!
    keep up the awesome work babe!!
    Looking AMAZING!! You’ve really been on a role lately!!
    Good stuff!


  5. why won’t you let me post….=0(
    again this is in regards to your panda hat pics…but it won’t let me post anywhere……
    I LOVE YOU!!
    hehehe I knew you ahd this pics on MSN but I didn’t know there were more!!..hehehe
    I was looking for new art..and then
    BAM!!! PANDA!! MANDA!!
    The True Artist!
    man I miss my sister


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