Live Life Creatively

Ok folks as promised here is today’s creative attempt.

I thought since I was kinda tired I’d try something simple.

So, I opted for a collage.

Here it is…………..Live Life Creativelythe album cover to my life.

Enjoy, because I personally think it’s kick butt cool! 😛
Cheers and Goodnight,


Oh and I would have posted a video with this one but blasted all You Tube hates me and doesn’t load when I want it to!!!

added as promised!

Monday again! Bleh

I always find Monday’s the hardest to be creative on.

It’s probably just that dragging sensation that work has started again for another week.

Plus, I’m not exactly loving my job at the moment and that plays on my creative spirit.

Regardless however, I am determined to post something creative on here before I go to bed tonight!

We’ll see how that goes. 😛

See you in a bit!