Live Life Creatively

Ok folks as promised here is today’s creative attempt.

I thought since I was kinda tired I’d try something simple.

So, I opted for a collage.

Here it is…………..Live Life Creativelythe album cover to my life.

Enjoy, because I personally think it’s kick butt cool! πŸ˜›
Cheers and Goodnight,


Oh and I would have posted a video with this one but blasted all You Tube hates me and doesn’t load when I want it to!!!

added as promised!

13 thoughts on “Live Life Creatively

  1. Wow, cool collage. I feel the same way- Mondays get me down (that ridiculous 9-5 thing). Wouldn’t it be a wonderful world if you showed up to work and your boss said, “what do you feel like doing today? How about we all make collages?”


  2. oooo…I’m liking this one!
    A different feel than what you’ve been doing
    but I’m liking the collage…it’s very neat
    Hey what one did you say you’d give me??
    cause I’d personally take them all and start turning them into the wall paper of my room..=0)
    like it’s not cluttered enough…but then it would be cluttered artistically!!!!!!!!!!!
    ya..that’s it!!
    Love ya babe!!


  3. @ M, I told her, I said, “You’ve got to use Shatner’s song, ‘You’ll Have Time,'” but, no, she didn’t use it. Or maybe that’s what she was going to use… I like to think that’s the case.

    @ G, that’s one of my favorite songs (the Shatner version).

    @ A, Darling, I don’t understand. I like the real one, but it’s even cooler on here. How did you pull that off?


  4. First, thanks for the compliments. I really like it too and J I think it looks cooler on here because your not seeing it in the sketch book, cuz I didn’t do anything else to it. And yes M, that’s exactly what J said when he saw the piece. But thankfully, Youtube has been HATING me recently and won’t load. And JBam I said I’d email the pic to you if you wanted a copy lol not give it to you. LOL you can buy a t-shirt with it on once I get that site up and running. πŸ˜›
    Anyway, we’ll see what today brings and maybe if Youtube is nice I might add the song…maybe!
    Oh and as a side note lol I broke my daily record for views…yesterday was 177 sweet eh! lol


  5. @ J. Yeah Me Too. I like the original too though.

    @ A Re: Daily Hits…. BITCH! πŸ˜› (though on my first day back after fixing my tracker I got a record of 55 myself but still. Not even a third of yours. I guess peekshurs really are worth a thousand words… so I say again. BIATCH πŸ˜›


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