Coming Soon…

Alright so its another day where I’m on my lunch break brainstorming what to do next.

I figure I’ll give another collage a whirl tonight, but I’m not sure what to do it on.

So if you have suggestions before I get off work tonight, drop em in the comment box.

I figure you have about 4hrs from the time this is posted before I’m home.

In any event keep checking in.

Oh, and here’s another video, Painter song by Norah Jones.

6 thoughts on “Coming Soon…

  1. Definitely a Shatner collage. Okay, maybe not. I just got a little excited after reading the exchange in your last post. How about one of those . . . umm, I don’t know the word for it, a collage where you take a bunch of pictures, but arrange them so their general shapes and colours form another picture? I know they’re hard, but kinda cool. Especially when all the pictures have something to say about the overall result.


  2. But isn’t a mosaic just made of colours? What I’m thinking of is a mosaic made of pictures. Piczaic? Prozac? Or perhaps a cigar is just a cigar. Even when it’s made of a bunch of smaller cigars.


  3. lol, so have you boys sorted it out yet??? Either way, I went with another collage with semi-mosaic leaves (just to appease Wes) 😛
    Maybe someday I’ll tackle a large mosaic OF Shatner then everyone will be happy lol


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