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Coming Soon…

Alright so its another day where I’m on my lunch break brainstorming what to do next.

I figure I’ll give another collage a whirl tonight, but I’m not sure what to do it on.

So if you have suggestions before I get off work tonight, drop em in the comment box.

I figure you have about 4hrs from the time this is posted before I’m home.

In any event keep checking in.

Oh, and here’s another video, Painter song by Norah Jones.

It sort of reminds me of the Vie on Rose.



Monday again! Bleh

I always find Monday’s the hardest to be creative on.

It’s probably just that dragging sensation that work has started again for another week.

Plus, I’m not exactly loving my job at the moment and that plays on my creative spirit.

Regardless however, I am determined to post something creative on here before I go to bed tonight!

We’ll see how that goes. 😛

See you in a bit!


An understanding of “Life”

I’m feeling good. I’ll start by saying I’ve just finished two more pieces of the series I’m working on.

But first, let me provide you with a little clarity and insight into the paintings thus far.

When I started this project I wasn’t entirely sure where I was going with it or what I wanted to do with it.

Thus, 2 un-named paintings and an uncertainty of what would follow. Now however, I’m 4 paintings into the project and have become enlightened you might say as to what it is I’m doing. And what is that you ask, or I’m sure you would if you were here or perhaps at the very least think it…right?…right?…anyway 😛

The first painting was started when I was on my break at work. I was quite literally just playing around, trying to kill time until my next class arrived. So, I started to sketch things around me and thought it would be fun to abstract them resulting in un-named one. Which I have renamed as simply “Work“.

The second painting was done while I was sick at home. I decided that since I was painting a series on “Life” (specifically mine as well as the universality of everyones’ life) sickness would be an appropriate topic, so I grabbed all the various meds in the house and started sketching/abstracting/painting away. Thus un-named 2 has been renamed as “Illness.”

This brings us to the new paintings which I’ve decided to post separately.

More paint supplies

As I’ve mentioned in my previous post, I had come down with a pretty nasty chest/head cold so I spent the remainder of my weekend resting.

Of course, the bad thing with weekends is that they’re over so quickly, where as weeks seem to linger on forever.

In case you’re wondering, (although if you’ve read the “about me” section, you’ve probably already put 2 and 2 together) I’m a full time EFL teacher in Japan. What that means is that when I’m not teaching at 1 of the 20 different elementary schools I work at then I’m teaching at 1 of 3 different Eikaiwa schools instead. Essentially all this is, is just a big long convoluted way of saying I’m crazy busy throughout the week thus, no painting. 😦

Thankfully however, I have a wonderful husband who’s always looking out for me. So this week on his break he ventured out and bought me 5 more canvases.

(2 more 9.5” x 0.6” and 11.8” x 0.6” triangular canvases as well as one oval canvas measuring 11.8” x 0.6” approx. for later painting adventures)

So I now have all canvases I need to complete my triangular series, all I need is more time to paint.

Stay tuned, I’m hoping to squeeze in some time later in the week. *fingers crossed*

Oh and one more thing, get commenting on the previous two canvases will ya, geeze, its not like art is a solitary venture. (cuz it so isn’t) 😛

Unnamed two ~ the sequel

Ok first off, I did end up getting a stupid freaking head/chest cold so I’m feeling bit under the weather today.

However, that didn’t stop me from painting the second piece in my unnamed triangular series.

This second piece is just slightly larger than the first one, measuring about (11.8″ x 0.6”) and again it’s acrylic on canvas. Continue reading


Last night I finished one of the triangle canvas’.

I find whenever I finish a piece I just want to toss it in a corner for a few days until we grow on each other and as per the norm such is the case with this one.

I’ve yet to title it, or decide whether or not its going to be number 1 in a series of triangle paintings. Continue reading