More paint supplies

As I’ve mentioned in my previous post, I had come down with a pretty nasty chest/head cold so I spent the remainder of my weekend resting.

Of course, the bad thing with weekends is that they’re over so quickly, where as weeks seem to linger on forever.

In case you’re wondering, (although if you’ve read the “about me” section, you’ve probably already put 2 and 2 together) I’m a full time EFL teacher in Japan. What that means is that when I’m not teaching at 1 of the 20 different elementary schools I work at then I’m teaching at 1 of 3 different Eikaiwa schools instead. Essentially all this is, is just a big long convoluted way of saying I’m crazy busy throughout the week thus, no painting. 😦

Thankfully however, I have a wonderful husband who’s always looking out for me. So this week on his break he ventured out and bought me 5 more canvases.

(2 more 9.5” x 0.6” and 11.8” x 0.6” triangular canvases as well as one oval canvas measuring 11.8” x 0.6” approx. for later painting adventures)

So I now have all canvases I need to complete my triangular series, all I need is more time to paint.

Stay tuned, I’m hoping to squeeze in some time later in the week. *fingers crossed*

Oh and one more thing, get commenting on the previous two canvases will ya, geeze, its not like art is a solitary venture. (cuz it so isn’t) 😛