The ArT of CoMmEnTs

Since, I only have a short lunch break today I will try and make this a small rant.

Yesterday, I had a total of 95 visitors to my site.

Let’s say 1/4 of them only made it to the front page and said “Oh, a blog, not what I wanted” and moved on. I can live with that.

That leaves approximately 71.25 people. Let’s say, 1/6 of them are either illiterate or can’t read English. K fine, just look at the pictures and learn later, I can deal.

That leaves approximately 59.375 people. Let’s say, 1/10 of them have busted keyboards and don’t feel like copying and pasting each letter with their mouse. Ok, I get that.

That leaves approximately 53.4375 people. Let’s say, 1/8 of them we’re taught by their parents that, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” Ok sure, although, I’d recommend growing a back bone, I can still cope.

That leaves approximately 46.7578125 people. Let’s say, 1/4 of them were mysteriously abducted by Aliens or Bigfoot. It’s ok, you go ahead and fight the good fight. I can wait.

That leaves approximately 35.068359375 people. Let’s say, 1/8 of them just had their motherboard or hard drive blow up. You shouldn’t have bought the cheap computer but hey, you take all the time you need.

That leaves approximately 30.684814453125 people. Let’s say, 1/4 of them just finished either their daily 8 glasses of water intake / a bad TacoBell burrito and suddenly feel nature calling. You do what you gotta do man. I’ll be ok.

That leaves approximately 23.01361083984375 people. Let’s say, 1/4 of them are dog owners and Poochy’s itching for walkies. Who am I to stand in the way of owner pet bonding.

That leaves approximately 17.2602081298828125 people. Let’s say, 1/2 of them get propositioned by their spouses for activities more entertaining then commenting on my blog. It’s ok, I so get it. Knock yourself out.

That leaves approximately 8.63010406494140625 people.

Now these people, I KNOW, have nothing better to do than surf the internet.

All I’m saying is you could show a little more love people.

I mean someday, I might be one of those 8.63010406494140625 people browsing your blog and think yanno, I should leave this guy/gal some input. They might appreciate it. But instead just ghost em to tick em off.

You hear what I’m saying?

Just saying….