Wasabi nymph?

Well it’s Wednesday, the notorious hump day of the week…

Here’s what I have for you today.

Last night as I was working on my leaf collage, I had originally planned to set it on a green background but decided it would be too busy.

So I set it aside. Today however, I was doodling and decided to combine the doodle with the background.

The result was something yet untitled. Though I do have a few ideas… 😛

First, let’s take a look at what we have.

Doodle= green woman

Doodle combined with collage=Doodle collage

So titles.

Here’s a few I’ve been mulling over:

1-Green woman


3-Wasabi girl

4-Wasabi nymph

5- Green goddess

6-Green wasabi nymph goddess 😛

Anyway, let me know what you think and if you can come up with any better titles let me know!



Live Life Creatively

Ok folks as promised here is today’s creative attempt.

I thought since I was kinda tired I’d try something simple.

So, I opted for a collage.

Here it is…………..Live Life Creativelythe album cover to my life.

Enjoy, because I personally think it’s kick butt cool! 😛
Cheers and Goodnight,


Oh and I would have posted a video with this one but blasted all You Tube hates me and doesn’t load when I want it to!!!

added as promised!