The WaCkY WoMaN BeHiNd the ArT


What you are about to see may cause you to no longer take me seriously.

Viewer discretion is advised.


As I mentioned earlier, I’m feeling a bit loopy tonight.

So, what better time to introduce you, “the viewer”, to me, “the woman behind the art”.

I realize this may smudge my credibility as a serious artist, but meh, ya have to have fun in life sometimes.

Without further ado, I present ME! 😛

inspiration..Panda .. Panda 5..Panda 3 ..Panda 4 ..Panda 2

Alright I’ll admit it, I’ve completely lost it.

But dang it, I’m having fun!





15 Replies to “The WaCkY WoMaN BeHiNd the ArT”

  1. Yup, that’s my wife. I’m proud of her. I actually took some more serious shots, but she chose to use these. Go figure.

    I should have taken them in black and white.

    Ah well, fun post babe!


  2. Okay… that at least explains the cryptic beanie comment from Facebook.

    Jon, looks like her meds have worn off. Better up the dosage. 😛


  3. Well, you know what exposure to too much paint does to the brain, right? Some of those dyes can have a fascinating effect.


  4. Daring. But I think you should have just painted a picture of yourself. Except not. You know? I think I’m confused now.


  5. Should I pick one up for you then??? 🙂
    And perhaps it’s normal but I’m trying not to scare away my readers/viewers too much.


  6. Normal is passe. Then again, we all claim to be abnormal when perhaps our abnormalities are what makes us normal in the first place.

    I am not a unique and beautiful snowflake!….

    Shit?!??! What was the first rule of fight club again?


  7. I love the pictures Amanda they are so like you. You are a very unique being that is what makes you so very special.


  8. LOL!!
    I LOVE YOU!!
    hehehe I knew you ahd this pics on MSN but I didn’t know there were more!!..hehehe
    I was looking for new art..and then
    BAM!!! PANDA!! MANDA!!
    The True Artist!
    man I miss my sister


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