#1 of Life Simplified

*Gasp* I haven’t posted for a few days!

Hubby and I went away camping in Banff for the long weekend. Much needed R&R/alone time was had.

Although, as is standard with my luck, it rained and snowed. Yes, you did read that right.

Regardless of what you’ve heard, love alone won’t keep you warm at night. Well at least not in a tent, during said rain and snow without some good blankets and sleeping bags. Aside from the chilliness, it was quite enjoyable.

Anyway, the whole reason I was posting wasn’t to tell you about my weekend but to show you the first finished installment in the “Life Simplified” series. I was racking my brain over what to title each of the pieces and I realized that I’m doing a series called “Life Simplified” so I should focus on the basics. Since the series involves couples, the basics should be relational.

So what’s one of the major needs in a relationship? To make it easier for my female readership (who will instinctively say something more metaphysical) I’ll give you a hint. What would your man “honestly” answer? Yup, you guessed it. I’m starting the ball rolling with sex!

This is where some of my readers go “But she said, she’s focusing on the simple things and there’s nothing simple about sex?” Ah touche, you are correct and what charmingly bright readers you are to call me on it. Which is precisely why, I didn’t call it “sex”. Nope, what’s the basic foundation of sex in a relationship? Although I’m sure there’s a zillion books out there to help you answer that questions, I’m going to skip em and tell you what I think. Sex in a relationship is the simple desire to play and be played with!

So, I’ve called the first piece: “Play with me” and here it is, Enjoy!

Well, I should go work on the other pieces.



To commission artwork email the artist at themilkeway@gmail.com

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