Lino Cut/Block Printing Workshop

Hello again,

Since I’ve been so busy preparing and organizing for the Art exhibit, I neglected to mention that I took a Block Printing course last Sunday.

The class was taught by an instructor from SNAP (Society of Northern Alberta Print-Artists) and was quite fun.

Needless to say I have already purchased/ordered the supplies and will be continuing on this new artistic avenue.

Here’s a look at what I worked on.

We were told to bring with us a 4×6 line drawing.

Since I was short on time for the above stated reasons I re-did “Embrace Me” one of my watercolor word art pieces that sold last year.

We were give a 4×6 block of speedy cut and a 4×6 block of wood mounted linoleum.

The speedy cut was just what it said quick and easy to cut through like butter where as the linoleum was quite a bit tougher though yielded just as nice and a bit crisper of a look.

This was the first print I did to see how my carving had turned out.

This one was done in the speedy cut material.

After touching it up a bit I did the following prints.

Next I tried my hand at the Lino with a slightly different twist on the previous carving.

Well that’s it for now. I’m hoping to find time tomorrow to post my latest abstract painting.

Stay tuned.



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