In sickness & health

I hope this isn’t foreshadowing for the rest of 2009.

So where have I been you might ask…oh yanno sick.

After Christmas holidays I started  feeling very lethargic.

No energy and no motivation.

So I spent my days off lounging around, reading,  sleeping, knitting, watching anime all zero energy activities.

(wait days “off” you say? Yes, days off. I started working part time at the Dow Center ~ironically the same building that has the art gallery that is hosting my work in 2010~ as a Child minding attendant. I essentially help supervise and take care of kids 0-8yrs while their parents go about stuff there ie: the Gym/Fitness Center/Theater/Physio/etc …did I mention it’s a big building?)


Then my lungs started acting up like someone was squeezing them shut,  that’s when I dug out my inhalers.

One morning I woke up with cough and assumed I had caught a chest cold.

So I started my cold routine.

I  made my ginger honey lemon tea, had foods with lots of garlic and other beneficial herbs and tried to get lots of rest.

But alas 2 weeks later it still hadn’t cleared so come Sunday morning  after being up every 2 hours coughing we went  to the Hospital to get checked.

They of course, only confirmed what I had already assumed.

I had gotten a bad case of  Bronchitis.

Blah, so now I’m doing a week of penicillin with the hopes that it will finally be purged from my system.

Needless to say my creativity’s been a  bit low.

But I still managed to pull off 4 paintings in that time.

Today’s piece is “Believe in Me”

It is an 11″ x 15″ watercolor word art commission that I received over the Christmas holidays from an old High School friend back home.

She selected the words and requested it be done with a father, son and pregnant mother as she is soon expecting her second child.


Well that’s it for today.

Check in tomorrow when I’ll be posting 1 of 2 completely abstract paitings.



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