2010 Gallery Exhibit

Just a quick note to say that I received confirmation today regarding my 2010 Gallery Exhibit.

I am now officially booked for the month of February at the Alberta Lottery Fund Gallery

located in Fort Saskatchewan in the Dow Centennial Center building.

So I now have 1 year to prepare for my first big  Gallery Exhibit.

Crazy! 🙂

I’d post more but I’m not feeling that great…I think I have a lung infection.



New Year-New Art

**LOL I had this written and forgot to hit publish way to start things off**

Happy New Year 2009

Alright so I’ll admit it, I’ve been slacking.

Oh but it’s easy to do lol.

What have I been doing?

Well, I’ve been playing video games,

setting up aquariums,

cooking up a storm,

took up knitting (which takes forever lol)

and helping hubby with his new hobby(Warhammer) which is painting, just not artsy painting lol.

I haven’t entirely slacked off though, I have been working on a few different commissions (bookmarks and watercolor word art)

And I do have a piece to share.

It’s an 8″ x 10″ acrylic piece.

I was browsing through some old National Geographics  which I like to do from time to time because they’re chalked full of resource material

and stumbled across a photo of a spiderweb, which for whatever reason caught my attention and inspired today’s piece.

Now normally I’m not a fan of spiders AT ALL but I thought the web was beautiful and set off to try my own version.

So here it is:


I’ll attempt to post here more regularly this year and for those of you who like to shop for art you can find my artwork for sale on Etsy at themilkeway.etsy.com

Cheers and here’s wishing you a colorful and creative 2009.