Christmas Vacation

Since I haven’t been posting much lately I figure I’ll just say I’m on Christmas Vacation
and will be back online sometime before 2009.
My Etsy site will still be running throughout the holidays so if you are looking
to purchase some art to break in 2009 you can visit it at

Merry Christmas and I’ll be back in a couple of weeks!

Snow & Yuki

So I was out shopping the other day picking up stocking stuffers for the hubby and came across this little guy. His body wasn’t as colorful as the other fish so one passerby deemed him ugly and choose another brighter fish instead. I have a soft spot for the underdog or underfish in this case so I had to take him home where he’d be fully appreciated. By the time I had completed all my purchases and carefully bundled up the fish for transport it was a freaking blizzard outside. With blowing snow and fish and parcels in hand I hurried home. I decided I’d call him Yuki (Japanese for snow) it seemed only fitting. Now you might be asking why is she blogging about her fish when she normally blogs about art? Well, I had to share the God-made beauty of Yuki’s colors. He really is a beautiful work of art!


“Comfort Me” commission & ramblings

Ok Ok so I’ve been a little slack posting lately.

I’d like to say it’s because I’ve been busy but in reality things have kinda slowed down.

With Christmas coming I suppose I’m just looking forward to relaxing and finalizing the suite so we can stop living out of boxes.

Still haven’t put up my Christmas tree yet but again that has to do with the fact my livingroom is crowded until things get finished.

I’m still taking commissions and have another tradeshow coming up next weekend so hopefully things will pick up again.

I did say I was working on a watercolor word art commission for a lady I met at one of the last tradeshows and promised to post it after she picked it up which she did, on Saturday so here is “Comfort Me”.


For those of you who have been following along you may recognize the figures as “Hold Me” but I think it works quite nicely in this setting.

Very calming.

If anyone is interested in getting an 11″x15″ piece done I am having a Christmas special on commissioned watercolor word art. Regular $120 down to 1/2 price $60. Once completed, they will be mailed to you in a stay flat mailer. You can email me to contact me (themilkeway(at)

Also for those of you missed my last notice, I now have all the purchasable paintings on sale at Etsy. Just visit themilkeway(at)

I’m also currently working on 2 other acrylic paintings which if I ever get them finished I will post. One is a portrait and the other is something simpler and new. The portrait is progressing um “interestingly” I’m not quite sure what else to say about it. It’s cool yet a bit freaky…we’ll see.

Anyway I should run.