New Series: “Life Simplified”

So I’m still unemployed. J says I should take advantage of this time to focus my creative energies into my artwork. So, that’s what I’m attempting to do. I’ve started a new series called “Life Simplified.” I’ve been doing alot of painting lately and thought I’d take a breather from my bold acrylic colors and try some softer watercolor shades. (Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Acrylic, I just feel like something a bit mellower right now)

That being said, remember the “Hold Me” series I did in Japan?

Well, I really liked #3 in that series and have decided to do a spin off of it.

So on Sunday, we went out art supply shopping (my favorite type of shopping!!!). I bought art supplies and my husband bought a terabyte portable hard drive…this year’s anniversary theme was flowers, fruit or an appliance…we both rationalized that a portable hard drive has to constitute as an appliance…right? πŸ˜›

I digress, so I bought some really nice, thick cold press 140lb 11″ x 15″ professional grade paper. Lovely.

Here are the four outlines that I’ve finished so far.

I haven’t decided what words/sayings I’ll be putting with each piece yet. I am thinking that something relating to “trust” or “balance” will go with the first piece. Asides from that I haven’t decided. These are just the first 4 pieces that I liked to start things off so it may end up being more and, the pad does have 12 sheets. πŸ˜‰

Anyway, I must go figure out color scheme and sayings.



5 Replies to “New Series: “Life Simplified””

  1. These are already great Amanda. I’m looking forward to seeing them in progress and finished! J’s right, you should def take this time to get creative. I love the movement in these and can’t wait to see how awesome they’ll be all done!


  2. While I like these sketches (R. would not approve:), I am awaiting their addition with the paint, and then with the words.


  3. I love them….I’d definitly put up the whole series in my apt…..I can’t wait to see the final touch…


  4. Thats just being greedy…..hoarding them away in your bedroom like that.
    Show the love!!!


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