That I would be good

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted a video with one of my paintings.

Since I’m still feeling craptacular I thought it was only fitting to put this song

with this new unnamed piece.

And yes as you’ll note, I’ve tried something a bit different.

I’ve combined my piecey style with my palette knife creations.

Ya, so that’s it.


If you’d like to commission a piece, email me at

7 thoughts on “That I would be good

  1. Ya, I love Alanis. I have all her music. Although I tend to listen to her the most when I’m feeling depressed or upset. There seems to be a parallel between the crap in her life and the crap in mine that I can relate to *sadly* lol. But ya, I like how that piece turned out. (well, minus the mind set I was in at the time). Have you heard her new album? I just got it today…same director that did some of Madonna and Bjork’s stuff. It’s a bit dance-music-esque but it’s growing on me.


  2. Just a few comments: I didn’t know Alanis was still putting out music. Seeing her live makes her look even more possessed than videos. Her voice is mesmorizing. Wes is in love. I hope you’re getting better and not the opposite!


  3. Well ok maybe I was a bit hasty with calling it Dance-music-esque. Some tracks are and some are same great old Alanis. You can check this video out if you haven’t already seen it.

    But some of the other tracks I highly recommend are:
    Not As We
    In Praise of the Vulnerable Man
    Ok so the more I listen to the CD the more I really like it! 🙂

    Oh and Robin lol Yup I’m a porn addict don’t ya know 😛 And in terms of getting better…I have my really high ups and my super low downs. *shrug* not much I can do about it lately.
    And I love Alanis too! She’s pretty hot and has a great voice 😉


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