New Series: “Life Simplified” Part two

Yesterday I was able to finish up the watercolor painting on the four “Life Simplified” pieces.

Of course, I couldn’t resist going a bit colorful. It’s just my nature!

I did however do only flat colors with minimal shading because I’m going to be writing all over them.

Thus, no need for too much detail.

That being said, here’s a peak at them all colorful like.

Just for fun I’ve added the black outline for a before and after comparison

Just to remind those of you who are tuning in late,

the end product of these pieces will look something like this one.

Only this series ended up with a lot more background color. Which is fine. We’ll see how they turn out. That being said, I’m off to fill them in. LOL there goes my carpal tunnel! Ah artistic suffering, part and parcel of the gift :P.



If you’d like to commission a piece, email me at

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