New Life and New ART

I’ve been thinking about my 2019 exhibit(s) and the theme I keep having come to mind is a series of mixed media paintings based on scriptures that incorporates florals, botanicals and natural elements. There’s so many verses in the Bible that talk about life and growth using plant based analogies that I think it would make for a rich and vibrant series. I have a ton of ideas for paintings and art objects which I will share with you over the next few months. Til then, I’ll leave you with this work in progress flower that will soon be added to my Tree of Life painting.


New Series: “Life Simplified” Part two

Yesterday I was able to finish up the watercolor painting on the four “Life Simplified” pieces.

Of course, I couldn’t resist going a bit colorful. It’s just my nature!

I did however do only flat colors with minimal shading because I’m going to be writing all over them.

Thus, no need for too much detail.

That being said, here’s a peak at them all colorful like.

Just for fun I’ve added the black outline for a before and after comparison Continue reading “New Series: “Life Simplified” Part two”

New Series: “Life Simplified”

So I’m still unemployed. J says I should take advantage of this time to focus my creative energies into my artwork. So, that’s what I’m attempting to do. I’ve started a new series called “Life Simplified.” I’ve been doing alot of painting lately and thought I’d take a breather from my bold acrylic colors and try some softer watercolor shades. (Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Acrylic, I just feel like something a bit mellower right now)

That being said, remember the “Hold Me” series I did in Japan?

Well, I really liked #3 in that series and have decided to do a spin off of it.

So on Sunday, we went out art supply shopping (my favorite type of shopping!!!). I bought art supplies and my husband bought a terabyte portable hard drive…this year’s anniversary theme was flowers, fruit or an appliance…we both rationalized that a portable hard drive has to constitute as an appliance…right? 😛 Continue reading “New Series: “Life Simplified””

New Project

Today turned out to be more productive than I had expected.

I was trying to decide how I wanted to proceed with the “Sex” painting and ended up sketching out a new image that I like a lot.

The problem is, I couldn’t decide what medium to use.

SOOO, I’ve decided to start a new series titled “Hold Me.” I’m going to explore different mediums using the same image.

That’s right folks, it’s the start of a new week and the start of a new series.

This is the sketch…….>Hold Me (sketch)

This is #1 in the series “Hold Me” completed using watercolors…….>#1 Hold Me

** On a side note, the site traffic has increased a bit more than norm. The reason you ask? Because search engines have directed poor horny people looking for “sex” my way. 😛 Sorry folks, but if you’re looking for a bit of nookie you’ve come to the wrong place (that is, unless your fetish is art, in which case “Go crazy!” ). 🙂 **

Anyway, keep sending in that feedback!

Have a good week.