Poetry from the Wilderness

Things have been quiet around here with all that’s been going on. I’m still working on healing from a ruptured disc and waiting for probable surgery which Covid has put … Continue reading Poetry from the Wilderness

New Life and New ART

I’ve been thinking about my 2019 exhibit(s) and the theme I keep having come to mind is a series of mixed media paintings based on scriptures that incorporates florals, botanicals … Continue reading New Life and New ART

Local artist Inspired by the divine

Interview & Artist Talk

Block Print Bonanza 

A new series of Block Prints inspired by the Bible

Midnight in the Garden

I’m still painting up a frenzy over here! I started working on this piece which once done will be called ‘Midnight in the Garden’ It’s a square, 24″x 24″ gallery … Continue reading Midnight in the Garden

Medium Madness

Hey look at that it hasn’t been months between posts…yet 😉 I spent the evening last night painting and playing in the studio with a bunch of new goodies. I … Continue reading Medium Madness


Well that was unexpected! A few weeks ago I got a custom order request to make some hand stamped guitar pick fish hooks as a Father’s Day Gift. I had … Continue reading Stampede

Shiny & New

OK so I came down sick with a cold and haven’t had a chance to start on the guitar asides from prime it. I’ve been passing out pretty hard after … Continue reading Shiny & New

On a different Note…

I’m taking a slight break from Canvas Paintings & Jewelry to start work on a new entry into my Color of Music series. I’ve had it in the back of … Continue reading On a different Note…